Geofest 2018

Dr Simon Cuthbert speaking in Corrie Hall

Despite the best efforts of ‘Storm Callum’, the third annual Arran geology festival went ahead over the weekend. On Saturday night Corrie Village hall was full, and heard, Dr Simon Cuthbert’s talk on ‘Arran’s journey through deep time’. In just over an hour Simon gave a highly entertaining and educational account of Arran’s 600 million year geological history. The audience included many, who earlier in the day, had braved heavy rain, to enjoy one of the geology walks. Highlights included seeing the Arthropleura footprints, Arran’s only volcano, and the illusive Hutton’s Unconformity.

Earlier the festival had opened at the Heritage Museum with an enjoyable introduction to Arran’s Geology from the islands own Stuart Blake. And finished on Sunday with improved weather and most of the walks taking place in the relative dry. Some ventured into Glen Rosa, and others visited 3 fulgurites (fossilised lightning strikes) and a newly discovered metre long fossil on Corrie beach.

Overall the festival was a great success, and when Arran Geopark opens next April there will be many more events over the year.

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